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Cyclists for Cultural Exchange

19 May - 1 June 2023

Join us on this spectacularly scenic tour through selected regions of the Golden State, including Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Francisco

California 2023

Our bicycle adventure will take us to Monterey, coastal California and San Francisco.

The final day in Santa Cruz is for clean-up and a farewell dinner with some free time to explore.  ​

19 May - 1 June 2023.

Mike Andalora, CJ Wang.


Application deadline

10 March 2023


Covered by CCE.  Participants will be required to do volunteer work for Strawberry Fields Forever FUNdraiser for our exchange programs and also to work during the program in the kitchen, loading, setting up, and everything needed to make the trip successful.  Participants will pay for transportation costs to and from San Francisco or San Jose (flights) and will need money for incidentals like eating out, shopping or drinks.

Indoor hostels and a homestay while in Santa Cruz.  


We borrow loaner bikes for participants; they are not new and may not be exactly what you are familiar with. We try to find everyone a bike they are happy with. You are welcome to bring your own bike if you wish.

Start and finish

Santa Cruz/Watsonville, California.


On the coast is common to have cool, foggy, drizzle in the mornings with sun in the afternoons.  Lows average 10–12°C and highs average 16–18°C. Any weather is possible. 

Schedule overview (see details below)

Participants will arrive on Friday, 19 May 2023 and depart on Thursday, 1 June 2023. For the first 3 days, participants will be in Santa Cruz helping to prepare for, run and clean up after the Strawberry Fields Forever FUNdraiser, which is an organized Century ride. This is the volunteer effort that supports our program. There may be homestays or tent camping during the first 4 nights.

COVID–19 touched lives around the planet in one way or another. Our programs, designed for people from different cultures and countries, involve close contact and we thus become vulnerable to the viruses. In this respect, we have added the following:

  • All participants will take a COVID test before joining.

  • If anybody has a positive test result, they will be excluded from the program. They will also test before arriving in the United States.  

  • If during the program someone contracts COVID, they will leave the program.  CCE will make its best efforts to provide assistance until that person can return home.

  • Please be advised that this is a precautionary measure we are taking to provide a safe environment for the rest of the group.

Hopefully, there won’t be any incidents of this kind, and we are looking forward to the safe and successful CCE California program 2023.

Sorry, applications are closed.

This is not a bike tour for beginners!

It will be a hard ride.  Ride days will be up to 110 kilometers and 900 meters of climbing at an average pace of at least 16 km/h.  After riding, you will be expected to help set up, cook, clean up, etc. To be accepted, you must have been on a bicycle tour before and ridden 80 km a day for several days in a row. In the past, we have had participants who claimed to be able to do the ride but could not. Please do not apply if this is not for you! You will be unhappy, and so will we.


Tentative. Details to be announced.

Friday, May 19
Arrival at SFO San Francisco International Airport or SJC San Jose airport. Or meet up with us in Santa Cruz.

Saturday, May 20
Volunteer work for SFF event, bicycle fitting, program presentation. 

Sunday, May 21
Volunteer work at the SFF event. You will be assigned as needed.

Monday, May 22
Local ride TBA.

Tuesday, May 23
Local ride or hike to be announced.

Wednesday, May 24
Local ride to be announced.

Thursday, May 25
Ride or drive to San Francisco.


Friday, May 26
San Francisco: Golden gate bridge ride to Tiburon, ferry back.

Saturday, May 27

San Francisco: City ride.


Sunday, May 28
Ride to Pigeon Point lighthouse hostel.

Monday, May 29
Ride to West San Mateo county, sleep at Pigeon Point hostel.

Tuesday, May 30
Ride to Santa Cruz.

Wednesday, May 31 
Farewell dinner.


Thursday, June 1

We can take you to the airport or help you with the next leg of your adventure.

Is this tour for you?

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