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December 2018
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Cyclists for Cultural Exchange


A message from co-founder Frank Pritchard

Hi All,

I hope you’ve been enjoying the good cycling weather we’ve had this fall and—to my fellow Californians—also the much needed rain we’ve gotten recently.

It’s my great pleasure to announce our upcoming annual Strawberry Fields Forever FUNdraiser event scheduled for Sunday, 19 May 2019. See details below. It will be our 30th anniversary benefit ride, which I’m very excited about, and we want to make it really special. Our team captains have already begun planning additional features and activities, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Please send us your ideas, suggestions and any comments you may have, and we’ll be happy to incorporate as many as we can. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Registration opens January 1.

Until then, stay safe, happy holidays, and I hope to see you all next May.




anniversary celebration!

Strawberry Fields Forever
Planning is well underway for next year’s 30th annual FUNndraising event, and we’re in the mood to celebrate!

It will be tons of fun with outrageously scenic cycling for our worthwhile cause. We’ve got lots of extra goodies planned, including of course a very special custom-designed collectible jersey and T-shirt. 

Save the date: Sunday, 19 May 2019.

You’ll find all details, routes, support info, maps, and FAQs here as our planning evolves. Got ideas? Suggestions? Send them to us and we’ll incorporate as many as we can. 

Pre-registration starts on January 1. 
Early-bird registration before March 15: Starting fee of $70.00 supports our non-profit mission and includes a free buff/do rag with same artwork as our 30th anniversary jersey. 
Registration after March 15: Starting fee of $80.00 includes the free buff. We’re holding our price on jerseys at $65.00/$70.00 and tees $18.00/$20.00 pre-ordered/same day.

Join us! on this beautiful ride through miles of Santa Cruz County’s famous strawberry fields and be part of the celebration.
Travel reports
What do past participants say about their experiences on CCE programs?
Read these informative reports.

Australia 2018. We started at the Gold Coast, south of Brisbane, and cycled along Australia’s eastern coast to Sydney. [More

Italy 2018. 400 miles from Venice to Pisa, featuring a daily cultural experience in a country brimming with historical sights. [More

Cuba 2018. Our local hosts Ana-Beatriz and her friends led us on a lovely and memorable ride from Gibara to Guardalavaca. Roberto joined us back to Holguin with several of his riding buddies. [More

Armenia 2017. A uniquely simple but truly authentic adventure to explore an out-of-the-way destination and be utterly charmed and humbled by ancient traditions of hospitality. [More

The Golden Ring of Russia 2013. Historic architecture, music, food, and demonstrations of traditional lifestyle and vocations with timely stops at many points of interest and spectacular sights. [More

What else have we got planned?

Portugal, the “hidden gem” of cycling
This scenic and exciting tour in a land of incredible contrasts will be managed by Scott Wilson on the USA side and led by professional tour guide Rosita Menghi on the local side.

Cuba on bamboo bikes, a real adventure
Ever ridden on a bamboo bike? Experience the beautiful tropical island guided by our local friends Ana-Beatriz, Roberto and some of their riding buddies to get a real feel for this fascinating country. 

Sicily, crossroads of the Mediterranean
This scenic adventure will highlight the spectacular historic and cultural richness of Italy’s largest island. It will be managed by Scott Wilson on the USA side and led by professional tour guide Rosita Menghi on the local side.


Stayed tuned and check our website for additional information as it becomes available. We’ll announce more programs as they develop.

Cyclists for Cultural Exchange is a non-profit with a purpose:
Furthering peace and international understanding through exchanges among people
with a common interest in cycling.

Strawberry Fields Forever is an annual FUNdraising event that provides
the resources distributed in support of our mission.
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