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Cyclists for Cultural Exchange

Events & programs

Cyclists for Cultural Exchange programs are designed for people to share cultures, traditions and visions of world peace through participation in bicycling and travel.


The Outspoken Cyclist Diana Jenks interviews CCE's Craig Calfee

(starts at 41:52)

A team consisting of 10 to 15 bicyclists organizes various tours every year. Bicyclists from around the world are invited to participate. Throughout the tour, participants are introduced to the inhabitants and culture of the host country.

Our intention is that participants discover some customs, traditions, and maybe some language of the host country. As the group is composed of riders from several countries, there will be opportunities to share multi-nationally and multi-culturally.


Usually 2 weeks

Our aim is to travel and work together, sharing meals and all the other customary occurrences and events of daily life while cycle touring. There is something about this way of travel that almost instantly breaks down the cultural, political and ideological stereotypes to which we are all subject as human beings.

Annual FUNdraiser ride event

International tours

CCE goals include creation of the potential for transformation of cultural barriers into bridges of cultural enrichment, understanding other human beings from different backgrounds, and unveiling the layers of different times, traditions, and places.


CCE participants must be open to unusual and unknown experiences and situations, and unpredictable results from communication in various languages. Meeting people and understanding other cultures and traditions should be a priority for each tour in the choice of routes, sightseeing, places to visit, and each day’s schedule.

Each tour is different and costs will vary.  All participants are expected to pay the direct costs of the tour (transport, accommodations, meals, tourist site admissions).  There are no profits made, so costs are just covering expenses. Certain cultural exchange activities may be subsidized by CCE such as homestays, folk art entertainment, dances, meetings with cultural and political leaders, and other interactive activities.

Interested in organizing a CCE-style tour? Please contact us for guidelines and to submit a proposal.

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