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Cyclists for Cultural Exchange

Requirements &


There are general and specific requirements for each tour, depending on the chosen country,

its cultural aspects, terrain,

route, and more

All applicants must fill out an application form and submit it to the CCE program committee before the deadline.

Applications will be available online at least five months prior to the beginning of a tour.

Applicants must

  • Be in good general health and have an adequate level of physical fitness. 

  • Be able to execute the bicycle ride.

  • Be able to ride 100 km per day with an average speed 15 km/h.

  • Be prepared to participate in all group activities.

Physical requirements
  • Willingness to put group interests above personal needs.

  • Socially active and communicative; respectful of other people's views, traditions and values.

  • Willing to participate in discussions, sharing, entertainment and other group activities.

  • Openness to new perspectives, possibilities and ways of communications.

Social requirements

Coming soon -- useful information, guidelines and checklists for prospective tour organizers. 

Follow us on Twitter to be notified when it goes live.

Organizer resources
Tours outside of the US

Details are developed between CCE and each host country. Tours are priced at cost, typically around $1000 to $1200 for 10-14 days.

Participants’ responsibilities
  • Visas and passports

  • Airfare (round trip ticket)

  • Clothing and personal items, including sleeping bags, bicycle helmets and bicycles (CCE can provide bicycles upon request)

  • Spending money for personal items (souvenirs, off-program travel or activities, etc.)

Tours within the US

Camping, youth hostels, and home stays with family and friends.



CCE will provide:

  • a vehicle to carry equipment and the personal luggage of each participant (limited to 20 kg per person)

  • camping and cooking equipment

  • bicycles if visiting cyclists choose not to bring their own bicycle

  • basic first-aid equipment.


CCE will provide all regular meals during the program. Please advise us of any special dietary requirements you may have. Participants are responsible for any meals, snacks, etc. outside the program.

Medical insurance

CCE will provide medical and accident insurance for guests visiting the US.


Usually at little or no cost, depending on details.

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